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Perforated Vinyl Printing for Window Displays & Signage

see out graphics

• For application to windows
• 60/40 perforated Vinyl
• See a graphic from one side, see out the other


Our 60/40 perforated vinyl allows you to display a window graphic to people outside a building, and still allows those inside to see out. Typical applications are car and bus windows and retail store locations.

The 60/40 designation means the material has 60% vinyl and 40% holes. The holes are 1mm in diameter. We print on the white face of the material, the reverse is black and has the adhesive. Typically the window perf is installed on the outside of the window.

Perforated vinyl requires a very window perfsmooth surface such as glass for proper adhesion. It comes on a release paper. To obtain a smooth installation, it should be installed by wetting the surface and using a squeegee.



< 32 square feet $10.30/sqft
32-99 square feet $10.00
100 or more $9.15

Prices effective January 1, 2017 and subject to change without notice.