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Temporary Signs

• During Construction
• For Events
• When it doesn't need to last

There's no need to produce a sign good for 20 years when it will only be up for a few months! Our temporary signs are good for a year outdoors, are affordable, and can be produced in a few days.

Since we use a completely digital sign making process, a temporary sign can be printed from files created in any of the common graphic design programs. We can also do the sign design for you. Typically we are printing on vinyl banners or on coroplast (plastic cardboard) depending on the way it will be installed. Our process is full four color, so you can have pictures and logos on your temporary signs.

temporary sign

Use a temporary sign to show an architect's drawing of a new building, to announce a new business, or to pardon your dust! We also see them used for directional signage during construction and at events.

Your banner can be hemmed around with a grommet every two feet, which is great for attaching to a fence with ty-wraps; it can have pole pockets top and bottom, or it can be left unhemmed for wrapping a sheet of plywood. Coroplast can also be grommeted, and we have wire H-stakes that hold temporary signs in the ground as lawn signs.

Gloss Outdoor vinyl pricing, based on total square feet of your order:

under 99 5.40
100-249 4.90
250-499 4.35
500 and over 3.80

While they are very strong, we do not guarantee them in the wind.
We do not recommend that banners hang over main street all winter- the wind will bring them down!

Whenever possible, put them against a building so the wind cannot catch them. Talk to us if you need advice about hanging a banner.

4mm Coroplast pricing per sign, 18x24" single sided

5-9 15.00
10-33 13.50
34-84 10.80
85 and over 9.00

Add $3.00 each for wire H-stakes. They should not be used on signs larger than 18x24".
Double sided are 1.6x the single sided price.
Call for pricing on other sizes of coroplast signs.

Temporary Sign Questions? We are here to help- give us a call! 603-536-2900 or toll free 800-590-7850

Prices effective Sep 20, 2017 and subject to change without notice.