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Software Support

We run both PC and Mac workstations, and can print files from the listed programs from either platform. Sending a "For Print" PDF makes things easier in many cases. If sending a native file, send your fonts if they are unusual, as well as the files and all linked .eps and image files. Convert your text to outlines in Illustrator and Freehand, and especially in any linked .eps files. When emailing mac fonts, they need to be stuffed or zipped. It's easiest to enter orders online, if your files are large you can put them on our FTP site. YouSendit can also be used to send us files up to 100 mb.


Microsoft Power Point (all versions) PDF's from any program
Adobe Creative Cloud Corel Draw 7 - X6*
Adobe Illustrator 8 - 10 & CS1 through 6 and Creative Cloud Quark XPress 4.0 - 8.0
InDesign 1.0 through CS6 &CC Microsoft Publisher (all versions)
Photoshop 5 through CS6 &CC Open Office

File Prep Instructions for the programs we support

*We are an authorized Corel Platinum Service Bureau

Word Processing:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Open Office Writer
  • Star Office
  • Wordperfect


  • Microsoft Excel
  • Open Office Calc

Note: Many programs do not support large page sizes. We get around that by scaling in our printer driver. Either set things up for half the size you want, or leave them in letter size.