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Photos & Resolution
Scans and digital photos that have been professionally created for brochures and advertisements will generally work well in large format business poster printing. An uncropped 2 megapixel digital photo (1200x1600 pixels) can go up to 18x24 pretty nicely, a 6 megapixel photo can go to 30x40. Older 480x640 pixel pictures tend to look pretty bad when taken above 8x10" size, and we suggest you only use them for small pictures on your poster.

We need images to be between 72 and 100 dpi in their final size to look good. This means that a 24x36 poster needs 1728x2592 pixels, or 4.5 megapixels. A jpg that size will be about 1 megabyte on your hard drive. If you hover over the file name with your mouse, Windows will give you the pixel dimensions.

We find that having more than 100 dpi is unnecessary, and it can take up a lot of space on your hard drive! A 300 dpi image is nine time the size of a 100 dpi image, and you will not be able to tell the difference between them when printed.

If you have a hard copy photo, we prefer to scan your photos here, since our equipment is calibrated to give accurate colors. If you want to scan them yourself, give us tif or jpg. images, and use the settings on your scanner to give us the pixels we need. We will call you if we think there's a problem with your images.

File Sizes
Files over 250 MB can be problematic - let's talk if yours are very large. We have a system for sending us files up to 1 GB in size at You'll need to call us for the password at 603-536-2900 or 800-590-7850.

If you can make a pdf of your design, all of the font issues go away. Make it a "for print" pdf and send it along. Nowadays, much of what we print is from pdf's and they work great.

We have the fonts that are supplied with the listed programs. (see software we support) If you have a font you bought elsewhere, and you can't make a pdf, send the font file along with your program file. It is a big help if you convert your fonts to curves in the programs like Illustrator and Corel that will do this.

Can You Capture a Web Page?
We can capture your Web Page from the Internet, and print it out as a large size poster in vibrant, full color. Web page business posters are great for presentations, and to be able to show customers or management when they visit your office. It's particularly nice to see the entire Web Page at once! Give us the URL and we'll do the poster printing. For Web Page designers, this is a great way to show examples of your work.

We will print whatever portions of your Web Site that you want. Since the pages vary in length, we usually make the page 36" or 48" long and let the width fall wherever it does. If your page is wider than it is tall, it will be 36" or 48" wide with the height allowed to vary.

What's your turnaround time?
We normally ship in 1-2 business days. Large orders (more than a dozen pieces), flatbed printing, and CNC cutting can take another day. If you are in a jam and need a job shipped same day, let us know. We can usually ship files received by noon our time. There is a 25% rush charge for business poster prints received after noon that must ship the same day.

How good is your output?
We use state of the art Hewlett Packard equipment, and the results are stunning! You'll have smooth blends, sharp text, accurate skin tones, and vibrant spot colors. We normally print postscript output at 600 dpi.

Don't I need to see a proof?
If it makes you more comfortable, we'll send you a 9x14 color proof of your business poster before printing, the charge is $25 which includes the Fedex. We find that once you've seen our work, proofs are not usually necessary. When we are doing a large number of pieces, we'll do one for approval before we do the rest, but it's usually not worth it for single pieces. We stand behind our work, and will happily reprint it if there is a problem.

What kinds of paper do you print on?
Our standard paper is a 45 lb. matte surface paper made especially for commercial inkjet printing. 45 lb. is about twice the weight of normal copier paper. We also stock a 7 mil gloss photo paper. Our sample kit has a sample of both that have been printed on one of our machines, and we are happy to send you one.

What can you print on besides paper?
We stock 13 oz. matte and gloss outdoor vinyl, backlit material for light boxes, wallpaper, canvas, tri-poplin fabric, polypro film, adhesive backed vinyl, and window cling. We can print on flat sheets of sintra, coroplast, foamcore, display board, and 50 point board. For large orders, we will order any of the many special materials that are available for our equipment. If you have specific needs, let's talk!

What is your laminate?
We offer gloss, matte and crystal laminates. All are hot applied. We put it on both sides of the poster print to completely encapsulate the paper, which protects it from moisture. Hot applied laminates will not delaminate, something that can happen with cold applied materials. We have never, in over 22 years in business, had a print delaminate.

Crystal laminate is our premium trade show laminate. It has a pebble finish surface that eliminates glare, and it lets colors through beautifully. It is extra heavy for durability, with a total thickness of 23 mils. Maximum width is 48".

Gloss and matte laminate give a total thickness of 16 mils. Matte eliminates reflection (glare) problems. Gloss laminate will give your poster the look of a glossy photo, and the colors really pop. We can laminate up to 54" width. We send a sample of both in our sample package.

Our standard is to trim gloss and matte prints with 3/16" of clear laminate all around. You can request that we trim your prints to the edge of the paper, but you lose your moisture seal. You can also ask us to trim with a fine edge, which gives you a 1/16" sealing edge and is less noticeable.

What's the difference between foamcore board and display board?
Display board is a lot tougher than foamcore, and we suggest printing on it when you expect your business posters to last. It also will not bend with changes in humidity like foamcore will. We stock both in 3/16 thickness, foamcore in white only, display board in both black and white.

Foamcore board is suggested for event signage only used for a day or two. These days we print directly on flat sheets with UV cured inks, and the results are stunning!

We can apply a U shaped plastic edge strip to either material that protects the edge of the business poster from being banged up with handling. If you are taking presentation boards from place to place, this is a good thing to do! It gives your prints the look of a frame, and comes in black, white, clear and silver.

What kind of file should I send you?
(also see supported software) PDF's from most programs work just fine. Save a high resolution CMYK pdf. From newer Adobe programs give us press quality pdf's.You can also send the native file you created, plus any files that are linked to it. If you created the art with Quark, collect for output. If, for whatever reason we need to change something, having the native file allows us to do it.

How should I send you my order?
Click on the button on the right to enter your order online. You can email orders if the files are less than 20 mb. If they are larger, go to and upload your file to us. Be sure to send us an email letting us know you've left us a file, since we'll have it with nothing to tell us what to do with it! You'll need to call us for the password, 603-536-2900. If you have several files, zipping them together into one file makes it easier and makes the files smaller. On the PC, right click>Send To>Compressed (Zipped) File. On the Mac, Control+click (or right click if you have a 2 button mouse)>Compress.

Can I send a PDF file?
We can certainly print a PDF file, and the results are excellent. It does take away our ability to edit your file. If, for instance, we see a typo, we then will need for you to edit your file and retransmit it. If you are saving a PDF for us, embed your fonts and give us the highest resolution PDF it will make.

I've got my design set up as 8-1/2x11. Can you scale it up? Sure, and up to 54x70", as long as your original files are a high enough resolution to scale to your required poster size and still look good. Our print drivers are unlimited for scaling. Most programs will limit your page size, but you can set your file up at a proportional size and we can scale it here with our equipment.

Poster Scaling Wizard

First, enter the width and height of the original


Do you save my files?
All jobs we print are archived onto Blue Ray disks, and we document the printer and settings we used. If you want the same piece reprinted in the future, it's easily done!

What is UV ink and when do I need it?
UV inks will last up to two years in direct sunlight, our standard ink only a few weeks. For business applications such as store window signage and posters, we recommend the UV inks. UV inks are standard when we print vinyl banners, wallpaper, and fabric.

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