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Stanchion Signs for Banks and Stores

stanchion signs

Many retail and banking environments benefit from strategically placed stanchion signs.

Stanchion signs are a great way of communicating with the customer while they are in line, or passing a strategic spot in the store.

Stanchion signs are usually for
22x28 sign holders.

Because the slot in the stanchion sign holders will only admit a 1/8” thick sign, we typically print on 50 point board (.050" thickness).

We can print either single or double sided. If required, these can then be laminated for protection, or the sign holder can be fitted with Plexiglas sheets to provide that protection. Gloss lamination also allows you to use dry or wet erase markers.

We find that stanchion signs printed with UV inks can generally survive a month or more without lamintion. We print a lot of stanchion signs for monthly promotions.

Our new flatbed machine prints directly onto a 100% recycled 50 point board that can be recycled with your cardboard. It's a truly green product that puts nothing into a landfill. We're proud of that!