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Meeting and Event Signs

Color Event SignOur meeting and event signs make it a breeze to put together your function. Whether it's room signs, informational displays, or directional signs, we can help you do your event posters easily and affordably. Since we support all of the common programs, you can often design your event sign yourself, saving time and money.

For meeting room signs that will sit on an easel, we usually produce 22x28 or 24x36 prints mounted on foamcore board. This type of event sign will easily last a day or two and is easy on the budget.

When you set up your event sign files, it is best to put your art on a master page (master slide in PowerPoint), and then vary the text on each page. The art on a master page will sit below the writing on the individual pages.

Event Sign Directions

Registration Desk Event Sign





We can put easel stands on the back of foamcore signs so they are freestanding on a table. Moving them around a lot? Our protective edge trim keeps the edges from being chewed up!


We can also produce vinyl banners, both indoor and outdoor.

Outdoor banners use inks that will not fade in the sun or run when wet.

Foamboard Mounted Event Signage
Per Piece Pricing- call for quantity discounts

Size Price
22x28 $50
24x36 66
30x40 84


Prices effective Jan 1, 2014 and subject to change without notice.

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